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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day 1

This being the first day since I started this blog, which is chiefly aimed at tackling my occasional writer's blocks, I've decided not to leave it untouched. So here I am taking a break from finishing up a rough draft of the pages of the graphic novel that I intend to take to a meeting on the 19th. Rosh, my colorist, and the closest I have to a brother, just walked by muttering "I just realized that the only woman the Hulk can do it with is the Elastigirl"

My letterer/girlfriend/love of my life (definitely not in that order) seems to be in bit of a mess post an episode involving blood, guts, and mutilated body parts, the gory details of which you can read in her journal, if you have the stomach for such stuff. Which means I'm gonna have to do a rough version of the lettering as well; which in turn means, I've got my hands full for the next ten days. So I'm gonna have to put my short-story 'Jaque and Jill' on hold for a bit. Let me apologize to all of you who are eagerly waiting to read the rest

I have posted some of the doodles that were done during the sketching session a La Café coffee-day last night . Maybe sometime today, I will be posting a picture that Rosh took of the strange visitor (which, to my great disappointment, was later found to be, as wikipedia tells me, a lesser indian civet, and not a denizen of wonderland) that came out of a burrow in the neighborhood. Good day to you all!

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