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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Random quick post-ling

This isn't a real post. You may think it is. But you're wrong. This is just a quick post-ling to put an end to the inactivity around here. I have been terribly busy juggling too many balls, and surprisingly, I haven't dropped any of them yet. I will be giving you an insight about the things I am up to soon enough
A friend recently asked me if I'm an atheist, probably because my religious views have always been obscure. Hell no, I'm no Atheist. Atheism is no fun. I am more like an observer of the things that people do in the name of religion. Sometimes they make sense. Most of the times they don't. But if there were no God, atheists would have been a jobless lot with nothing to disprove

P.S: Speaking about the things people do in the name of religion, you might wanna read this article I found online - LINK

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  1. Wearing pants a sin well if that don't take the cake and here I was fretting about not honouring my mom and da when I should have been worrying about wearing jeans. That kills me, thanks for the link.
    You have a brilliant day.
    Warm regards,