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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dignified $#!T

Warning: Profane content. Not for the easily offended

I haven't been around for very long, but one of the valuable things that life has taught me is to never take failure into the heart or let success get into the head. The reason why I'm forced to say this right now is because of a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine a few days back. There is this certain person working in a certain studio, who is equally famous for his brilliant art as he is infamous for making the lives of his teammates hell. I am an admirer of his art, and I've never met him in person. So it wouldn't be fair on my part if I judge him (which I don't intend to) based on what iv heard of him from others. But what really annoys me is when someone says "Its OK if he throws tantrums because he is so damn talented". Now does that mean that if a talented person throws his s**t at you, you'll take it happily? My dear friends, ... get inspired by good art...promote talented artists... but please do not take hero-worship to a whole new level. Believe me when i say this - There is no such thing as dignified s**t! S**t is s**t irrespective of who s**ts. Please do not let anyone walk all over you. None of you deserves to take s**t from anyone else, talented or otherwise. SO please...DON'T! With that said, I hope that this certain talented person in this certain studio continues to hone his skills and keeps producing amazing art. I hope that along the way, he gets a wee bit wiser, if he really is the kind of person iv heard he is (Word of advise: If people respect you, be happy about it. Bask in the glory, but do not forget to return the favor. They aren't respecting you because they're too eager to take your crap). I also hope that the so called down-trodden team-mates of his grow a spine each sometime soon. Good luck to all of you out there


  1. My God, first time im seeing any signs of anger in you. But thatz how the world is...People love throwing their weight around simply coz they can and others take shit from em coz of circumstances, need or some other reason...What u feel is something which should happen in the idealistic world.. but are we living in one???

  2. @Myke: Thnx bro
    @Sonali: I Guess I haven't given up on the hopes of making the world a better place yet :)