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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I'm back!

And I'm back from Bangalore. It had mostly been a fun trip, except that I was down with food poisoning during the last few days, and hence couldn't catch up with some of my friends I badly wanted to catch up with. It was extremely kind of Pratheek to let Merryn and me crash at his graphic-novel-heaven of a house! Maybe someday, a hundred years from now, it shall be known as the Pratheek memorial graphic novel museum :P. He has such an amazing bookshelf! Might write more about the Bangalore trip in another post

Now that I'm back, I'll start working on silent symphonies, our first graphic novel, which is more like an anthology of visually narrated stories. But before that, I have a few minor projects that I'll need to complete within a week or two. The ones that I have been pushing off to "after the Bangalore trip"

The Marcus strips continued in the Indian Express despite my absense, thanks to my farsightedness :P. Tsk tsk! Happened to have a couple of buffer-strips ready. You can read them here --> MARCUS

Here is a review that came in The Hindu about Tail Tales, the children's book that i had illustrated for --> REVIEW

And here is a picture of me with my folks that my sister Sharon clicked on my return. Love 'em both to pieces!


  1. Hi Kish,

    followed you down here from Libera Artisti...I am a dark fiction writer, and have been trying to find someone to collaborate with on a dark fiction graphic novel. Interested? Check out my blog @ mithunmukherjee.blogspot.com and temme what you think. Do drop in a word at insanemindfreak@gmail.com.


    P.S.- I would be waiting for a word from you. Hope you wouldnt disappoint. :)

  2. Im really sorry for the delayed reply, Mithun..Will get in touch with you soon. I wasn't checking the blogs for a while