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Thursday, 23 December 2010


Frequently Asked Question, ofcourse. In fact this question is one that I have been asked the most number of times. So I thought I might as well post a reply to it here :)

My name is <____> . I'm aspiring to be an illustrator.I read your comic strip every Saturday on Zeitgeist and I find your artwork highly intriguing and interesting. I would like to know more about illustrating and about the qualities needed to be a comic artist. How were u driven towards this line ?

You see I am a student of Bsc multimedia studying in Cochin

Waiting for your reply

Art admirer


Hi <_____>

Thank you! I am glad to know that you've been following Marcus and more

The first step towards getting better at any form of illustration is life-drawing. It is best to keep drawing inspirations from the world around us than from anywhere else. That way we remain true to ourselves as far as our art is concerned. Grab a sketchbook right away and start taking it wherever you go. Draw as much as you can, - from around you, from your memory, and from your imagination. Soon enough you will start incorporating one with another and realize what interests you the most. Also, your art will evolve into something unique, something that will eventually be recognized as your style. That moment of self-discovery is very important for each of us

As for me, I've grown up on comic books and I've always been drawn towards sequential art. More than anything else, I love stories -both telling them and listening to/reading them- and I found sequential art to be the best medium through which I could tell a story. But I hadn't taken it up as a full-time career until 2008. Drawing was always a fun-activity for me. I hadn't thought about making a living out of it until one fine day in late 2007 when I decided to throw away my engineering degree, resign my job, and say good-bye to the corporate world once and for all

Was it the brightest decision of my life? I am yet to find out. But the bridge has been burnt, and I can only walk forward now. All I can guarantee you is that the satisfaction that comes from getting paid and recognized, by doing what you love doing the most, is plain euphoric!

I hope that was helpful



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