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And here I am, adding yet another blog to the long list of blogs that I seem to be miraculously managing amidst all my daydreaming. This one, however, is for the mundane day to day happenings

Saturday, 27 August 2011

What Coopers may Come

It must've been the turbulence that jolted me out of Daydreamotopia. It could also have been the wailing child. Actually, it must've been a combination of both along with the sudden awareness of losing altitude. But gone were the flying blue whales mounted with twin mini-guns and the kevlar clad riders on them. I suddenly found myself again on seat 19b of Indigo's flight back to Kerala. People were panicking all around me and the oxygen masks were hanging from tubes above every seat. I stared out of the window only to see the greenery coming straight at me. The coastline was nowhere to be seen. The "highly unlikely event of a water-landing" seemed more unlikely than how any flight attendant had ever made it sound. This was it! Had to make those last round of phone calls (from my own mobile phone of course. I do not subscribe to the hoax that the 'signal from my mobile phone would interfere with the on-board system'. Even if it did, it wouldn't make much of a difference now, would it?)(And sorry humanity, there would be no last minute deposits in the sperm-bank). But it was too late already. It was getting increasingly difficult to breathe and I had to use the oxygen mask. Thats when I noticed that the oxygen mask of the passenger sitting on my right had failed to drop down. Conforming to the repeated requests from that Lady Bountiful inside my head, I turned right with an intention of sharing my oxygen mask with my hapless partner-in-death, only to find myself staring at a very familiar face that shouted "Are you insane? Don't you know that 90 percentage of airborne diseases are transmitted through shared oxygen masks??". It was Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Something was definitely wrong here. If it indeed had been him on my right side all this while, how come I never noticed? Thats when I made a promise to myself. What promise? We'll get there in a bit. But by now, the under-side of the plane had started grazing against the coconut palm leaves, the sound of which reminded me of the red bamboo wind-chime that a very dear friend of mine had gifted me. When I opened my eyes, I was indeed staring up at the aforementioned wind-chime that was nicely dancing around in the morning breeze that had swept in through my bedroom window. Yes, it had all been one super-realistic night…er..day-mare

Now, before I talk about the promise, let me warn you that it might seem highly unlikely that one would make such a trivial promise while faced with such a dire situation. But I did, and being a man of my word I'm keeping it. The promise was this "If this whole thing turns out to be just a dream, I promise that I'll blog about it however silly its gonna make me look". So here I am, sitting at my lappie and typing away. I also realize today that I have hardly blogged in the recent past. I have also been neglecting my Deviantart account. Thanks to Rosh's and Sinu's vehement participation, some of my artwork was still being put up on the Libera Artisti fan page on FB. But I guess I have been a little too caught up in my world, cooking up stories, making comic strips, and sorting out a few personal issues. I have been gone for long enough to be forgotten by the cyber-world, the place where it all started a few years ago. So please consider this the first step towards me trying to rebuild a world that had collapsed due to a year and a half of complete neglect, and wish me good luck


  1. Welcome back! Both from the "daymare" and to blogging... :)

  2. i read this....saw it on ur fb post....thats y i did comment...im so putting my money on what u pen down boy...one day...

  3. :) Thanks a heap, Nix
    And Sammich! ..Im saying it again. Looking forward to that day!