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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hocus Pocus...

It happens to the best of you. You sit there caffeinated, staring at a big blank white screen waiting for the words to magically pop out of nowhere, but it just won't happen. Then you declare, 'today is just not the day', and that 'writer's block is a bitch', and that you should perhaps just sleep it out; or maybe just go watch some tv, or a movie, or read a book. This lasts for days. Then the days add up to weeks, and weeks to months, and you eventually return to that screen that is still as white and as blank as you had left it many months back and could not possibly go any whiter or blanker. You suddenly realize that you don't have anything that you want to write about or that you know what you want to write about but you still lack the drive. It's like having the girl of your dreams right before your eyes and for some inconceivable reason, you just can't seem to get it up, even though deep down you know that you still want her. And you wonder what's wrong without realizing that you have once again fallen prey to your routine. You, my friend, have become a routine potato

Step out, travel, go skinny dipping, watch the stars, chase a dream, fall in love, get drunk, get foolish, get your heart broken,… and when you come back, let your craft tell us all about it -the good, the bad, and the ugly. Write it down while it's all still fresh. Paint us a picture. Write us a song. This, comrade, is the magical cure for even the most acute case of creative impotency

Picture courtesy: freefoto.com, Merryn John

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