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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A long overdue thank you note

A month and a half post the book launch, I have finally earned myself the time to settle down on a cozy couch with a steaming hot cup of Jo and type my heart out. Outside, the rain does a soothing pitter patter. Right next to me are two tiny little fur-balls, the first of Jinx's litter. Aisling and Keira - Dream and darkness; so distinct, and yet so totally intertwined. It's a bliss to watch them sleep so peacefully, dreaming perhaps the 'dream of a thousand cats', if you are familiar with the story from Sandman - Dream Country

Without any further ado, let me express my sincere Gratitude to Dilli Haat for making the graphic-novel pre-launch such a huge success. We never thought that signing 472 copies back to back would be so much fun and we hope that this is only the begining

I thank ...

...Dragonmill, our publisher, from the bottom of my heart for making this dream come true

...All our near and dear ones for standing by us throughout the journey so far and for continuing to do so

... All Libera Artisti fans for their love and support

... all our beloved readers who wrote in to let us know how much they liked the first installment of our book, Autopilot - A traffic novel

... and also all of you who have picked up a copy

There are a few copies remaining with dial-a-book and in case any of you want to buy one, here is the link to get the book sent right to your doorstep at a 10% discount


Alternatively you can mail us at contact@liberaartisti.com to have a signed copy sent to you at... well,... a slightly higher price

If you don't know what autopilot is all about, Here is what the back-blurb says

"Set in an alternate Kerala where masked vigilantes still fight crime and protect the civilians from mythical creatures, Auto-pilot tells the story of Suku, an auto-rickshaw driver who ends up having to play chauffeur to Yamaraj, the Indian God of Death. Armed with a rather misplaced desire to be a super hero and an immediate necessity to win back the heart of his dream-girl Riya, Suku embarks on an unusual quest that takes him all the way from the pothole infested roads of Kerala to the magma-dripping pathways of Yamapuri and beyond. Join Suku and Yamaraj in this crazy ride as they win the battles they can,try to con through the ones they can't and fight to bring back order in Yamapuri, the land of judgement"

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