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Monday, 4 March 2013

The Big Three OWWW!!

So, I turned 30 on the 25th of Feb, and still, like every other person who has lived before me, and perhaps like every person who is yet to be born, I too am haunted by that very basic of questions: "Where did it all begin?"

None of the scientific or theological explanations seems convincing enough, because they all point to a starting point, with something already being there. But how could that something have always been there? Wouldn't that something, at some point in time, have had to come from nothingness. Then again, nothing can possibly come out of nothingness. Not even that small, infinitely hot and dense point called singularity where all of the matter in the universe is compacted into

How can there be anything at all that does not have a beginning? I can understand something not having an end, but how in the world can anything not have a beginning? For that matter, how can sheer nothingness exist? Because nothingness is, after all, the non-existence of anything, which in itself does not exist

Are our thoughts being restricted by the limitations of our language? Or is it our understanding of space and time that is wrong? Why is it that every time we attempt to answer this seemingly simple question, we are left even more confused than we were, when we started out?

As trite as these questions have become over the centuries, I find myself asking them again three decades into my life


  1. Or may be, if there indeed is a spiritual aspect to our existence, we had perhaps known it once and have now forgotten it

  2. Check this,an interesting explanation.Time is not linear :) - Eternal Return

  3. The concept of cyclical time!! I've always been fascinated by that one. Darn! And we go on making the same mistakes in each cycle... over and over, a trillion gazillion times!