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Friday, 4 April 2014

Gangster - A new chapter for Studio Dreamcatcher

With just a week left for the big day, it is time to finally break the silence. I've been told that for many directors, moviemaking is often an extension to photography. My chosen medium for storytelling has mostly been sequential art. I have been a sucker for comics, graphic novels, and animation films all my life and have been earning my daily bread creating them. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that if I'm ever allowed to make a movie (in this particular case just a segment in a movie), it would most certainly be an extension to 'comic art'.

I've been given an opportunity to take sequential art to the next level. The canvas this time, is the big screen - a destination whose borders I had not dreamt of crossing until much later.

I thank Aashiqettan (Aashiq Abu, Director) and my dear friend Pratheek Thomas (who co-directed these animated segments with me) from the bottom of my heart for this spectacular opportunity. And to Rosh, Abhilashettan, Ansal, Danny, Anoop, Sumesh and the rest of my amazing team at Studio Dreamcatcher who pulled insane hours to complete this project on time - you guys are the heart and soul of this project; hats off to you all! It's a little too early to say anything more about the segment(s)

Will be sharing more about the process and the entire credit list after the release. Gangster releases nationwide on the 11th of April, and yes, it has a little surprise for all of you from Studio Dreamcatcher. Stay tuned!

- Kishore


  1. So cool! :D Congrats! I shall go watch this movie even if I can follow only half of what's being said.